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How to Print Progress Reports

Throughout the school year, we keep parents informed about their child’s grades by a progress report or grade card.  Before printing progress reports, please make sure that you have all the grades in that you are wanting to be a part of the progress report-for all subjects.  Once the grades are in, click the reports tab on the left-hand side. Go to where it says Detailed Progress Report and click the arrow. You will then choose Summary Progress Report. You can either choose to run reports for all students or individuals.  After you make that decision, go to the next section and choose the options you want to show on your reports. Once all options are correct, click run report. After looking at your reports and making sure all is correct, you are ready to print them. Below you will find a video that outlines the process if you need further assistance. If you have any questions, please contact your tech coach.

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Shelly Earls

Shelly began her teaching career in 1994 in Bradley County Schools. Prior to becoming an Instructional Technology Coach in 2007, Shelly taught third
grade at Michigan Avenue, fourth grade at Trewhitt Elementary, and fourth
grade at Waterville Community Elementary. With life-long learning as a passion, Shelly enjoys assisting teachers and students with incorporating technology to meet their needs.

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