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Scott Webb

Instructional Technology Coordinator - Bradley County Schools, Scott has been a teacher in the Bradley County School system since 1996 teaching at Bradley Junior High School and Walker Valley High School. Scott is in his third year as the Instructional Technology Coordinator.

Colby Burris

Colby is a product of Bradley County Schools and spent 17 years teaching instrumental music at Walker Valley High School before becoming a tech coach in January of 2019. He is a Google Certified Educator Level 2 and an Apple Teacher. Colby specializes in audio, video, and graphic media creation and integration.

Pam Coleman

Pam began teaching as a second career in 2006 at Black Fox Elementary. She taught kindergarten and fifth grade prior to becoming an Instructional Technology Coach in 2016. She loves collaborating with teachers to find ways to implement technology in the classroom, promoting Bradley County
School by creating flyers or shooting pictures, teaching students about digital citizenship, and training teachers and students on new programs or software.

Josh Morris

Shelly Earls

Shelly began her teaching career in 1994 in Bradley County Schools. Prior to becoming an Instructional Technology Coach in 2007, Shelly taught third
grade at Michigan Avenue, fourth grade at Trewhitt Elementary, and fourth
grade at Waterville Community Elementary. With life-long learning as a passion, Shelly enjoys assisting teachers and students with incorporating technology to meet their needs.

Teresa Scoggins

Also a product of Bradley County Schools, Teresa began her teaching career in 1992 in Athens City Schools where she taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. Prior to becoming a tech coach in 2007, Teresa taught kindergarten, second, and third grade at Oak Grove Elementary in Bradley County. Teresa is a Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2, SymbalooEDU certified, and a Wakelet Community Member.

Donna Mitchell

Donna has been in education for 21 years, initially teaching Senior English, Mass Media and Video Production before earning her masters in Educational Technology. A native of Ohio, she moved to TN in 2009 taking a position with DoDEA as an Instructional Technologist. Moving to Bradley County in 2015 she worked as a Career Counselor for the Pathways to Prosperity and is beginning her third year as an Instructional Technologist for BCS. Donna has a passion for sharing technology with students, staff, and parents. One of her specialties is Digital Citizenship.

Lisa Borders

Lisa began her teaching career in Bradley County Schools in 1989, where she taught fourth grade at Valley View and fifth grade at Oak Grove. She
was a classroom teacher for eighteen years prior to becoming an Instructional Technology Coach in 2007. She enjoys working collaboratively and training with teachers to help them integrate any new programs, software, and devices in the classroom. Favorite tech quote: “The jobs that the digital natives will be doing to support themselves have not yet been invented.” ~Dr. Regina Lamourelle


Chris Joyner




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