Equipment Quotes

Dell Desktops, Laptops, and Chromebooks

*All Microsoft Windows machines must be purchased with a Microsoft Office license costing approximately $50.  Chromebooks do not support Microsoft Office and will use Google Docs/Sheets/Slides.  The quotes form are what we consider to be the most affordable while being suited for the majority of the things we do.  Each device Dell sells has many options available, so always let us know if your use case is something outside the norm. Use the links below to request pricing or to place your orders. All school orders MUST have a school Purchase Order. Contact Scott Webb, Hal McMahan, or Brad Bryant if you have any questions.

BCS Instructional Technology Request Quote Form

BCS Instructional Technology Order Form


Monochrome – HP laserjet Pro 402    $270

Color – HP Color Laserjet Pro 452  $300

Please contact Hal McMahan or Scott Webb about Printers.

Network/Computer Drops

Network/Computer Drop* – $35.00 per drop

*Must have written permission from the school principal. Drops are only available if there are open ports on the network.

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