Equipment Quotes

List of Current Equipment Quotes – August 2017

Please contact Brad Bryant or Hal McMahan to purchase or different options need to be specified.

Dell Desktops, Laptops, and Chromebooks

*All Microsoft Windows machines must be purchased with a Microsoft Office license costing approximately $45.  Chromebooks do not support Microsoft Office and will use Google Docs/Sheets/Slides.  The quotes listed here are what we consider to be the most affordable while being suited for the majority of the things we do.  Each device Dell sells has many options available, so always let us know if your use case is something outside the norm.


Dell Desktop – Optiplex 3050 –  $487.03 (monitor + MS Office not included)

A standard desktop on the State Contract.  Would work well for any situation requiring a desktop other than CAD or video production.  Short tech specs:  i3-7100, 4GB DDR4 memory, 500GB Hard Drive, 5-year warranty.

Dell Monitor – 23″ E2318 – $124.09

A standard 23″ Monitor.  Full HD (1920×1080) resolution.  Display Port and VGA connections.  Supports sound bar.

Dell “Teacher” Laptop – E5480 – $836.92 (MS Office not included)

14″ Laptop suitable for most tasks.  Typically purchased for Teachers, Secretaries, and Admins.  There is a 3000 series that targets student use. 15″ model with numpad is available.  Short tech specs:  i3-7100, 4GB DDR4 memory, 500GB Hard Drive, 3-year warranty.

Dell “Student” Laptop – Latitude 3380 – $525.20 (MS Office not included)

13″ Laptop geared toward students.  Has similar power to a teacher laptop, but lacking the extra ports needed to use with projector and interactive board.  Built with durability in mind.  1-year warranty on standard quote – any longer than that and it’s almost cheaper to buy spares.

Dell Chromebook – Chromebook 3180 – $245.00 (MS Office not needed) *PRICE DROP*

Basic 11″ Chromebook with Chrome Management license (required). Small, lightweight, low cost, and durable.  1-year warranty on standard quote – any longer than that and it’s almost cheaper to buy spares.


Acer Spin 11 Chromebook/Tablet – $399*

Chrometop (desktop equivalate Chrome OS device) – Coming Soon

Apple Devices

The current listings of Apple products through educational pricing.  Macbooks and iMacs are only ordered for specific operations.  Please contact Scott Webb – for questions regarding Macbooks and iMacs.

Apple iPad – 32 GB – $299.00

Apple iPad – 128 GB – $399.00

Apple iPad Pro – 128 GB – $599.00



The HP Laserjet Pro M402dw (Wireless Printer) – Amazon Link – $248.18


Network/Computer Drop* – $35.00 per drop

*Must have written permission from the school principal. Drops are only available if there are open ports on the network.