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Engaging Students Through Audio

Listen in as we talk about how audio creation activities can bring exciting new opportunities to your classroom. This episode was inspired by a series of sessions focused on Podcasting that recently took place at a local high school. You can check out my handout for that session by visiting the following link:

Podcasting for Educators Session Handout

The following links are also included in the Google Doc above, but the information they offer is just too good not to link to directly here as well:

How to Teach Students to Podcast 
Getting Started Podcasting with Students from NPR
Podcasting Curriculum Guide from NPR

There are a variety of websites that offer additional information on how to get started with audio and podcasting in your classroom.

How, Why to Use Podcasts
The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Podcasts



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Colby Burris

Colby is a product of Bradley County Schools and spent 17 years teaching instrumental music at Walker Valley High School before becoming a tech coach in January of 2019. He is a Google Certified Educator Level 2 and an Apple Teacher. Colby specializes in audio, video, and graphic media creation and integration.

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