Bradley County Schools Registration Form

Bradley County Schools Registration Form - Website Version

  • Welcome to the Bradley County Schools Technology website. Registration Form for NEW students to Bradley County Schools. Please complete the form below. Required fields marked with an asterisk * If a question is not applicable, please leave the section blank or use N/A. You can change the language of the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Please select the school you wish to attend. Note for Preschool applicants: Please select Preschool as the School.
  • Student Name (as it appears on the Birth Certificate):

  • Gender:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Ethnicity - Please select Hispanic or Non-Hispanic*
  • Race (Check all that apply)*

  • Student Information:

  • Special Services he/she receives: [Pick all that apply]

  • Emergency Contact Information [other than parent]:

  • Mother's Information:

  • Father's Information:

  • Custody Other - Legal Guardian Information. If you do not need this section, please leave blank.

  • Last School Attended Information. If this is your child's first time in school, please leave blank.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • STUDENT MEDICAL INFORMATION - My student has the following health conditions that may require special care during school hours:

  • Please complete ONLY those that apply:

  • Consent:

  • HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY - In an effort to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Acts, we have been asked to survey parents to see if we are meeting the needs of students who may speak English as their second language.

  • STUDENT RESIDENCY INFORMATION - As part of the ESSA requirements, each school registrant should complete the following information. WHERE DOES THE STUDENT STAY AT NIGHT?

  • Thank you for registering your student with Bradley County Schools.  The principal or designee of the school you are applying to attend will contact you soon.

    Requirements for all new students:

    Immunization Record on a TN Certificate of Immunization

    Updated Physical for Kindergarten – Physical must be completed during the current year.

    Student Medical Form

    Custody Paperwork – if needed

    Proof of Address – must show parent name and service connection address

    Proof of Birth, one of the following forms:

    • Birth Certificate – issued by a government
    • Passport issued by any nation (translated)
    • Immigration documentation
    • Decree of adoption issued by a court
    • Other official documentation showing date of birth and parent’s name (refer to board policy 6.203)

    Requested if available: Child’s Social Security Card

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY