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Starting the Year Off Right With Technology

Over the past few weeks, Bradley County Schools welcomed back smiling-faced, exuberant students along with their parents and guardians. As families filled auditoriums, gymnasiums, and classrooms, it was evident that teachers and administrators were starting the year off right with technology. 

Teachers and administrators have embraced the conveniences and essentials of technology. For example, in order to connect with parents and guardians, grade-level teachers created Google Forms with pertinent questions concerning their new students. What is the best number to reach you?  What bus does your child ride home? Would you like more information about the school’s Parent Teacher Organization? What size tee-shirt does your child wear? By the click-click-clicking of the keyboard, it was evident that parents and guardians were happy to share information about their child, making the beginning of the school year as smooth as possible for everyone. 

When students were able to visit their classroom and see their seats and the set of classroom computers or iPads, they were giddy with excitement. Having technology and support available to all Bradley County School students is readily becoming a reality. In the future, Bradley County Schools’ goal is to have one-to-one devices for all their students. Over 4,000 Chromebooks have been purchased across the district, and in the first weeks of school, teachers will introduce students to the proper care and handling of devices and communicate classroom expectations for Internet browsing. Teachers use devices to engage students in their personal learning and generate a level of excitement about what the new year promises to bring. Many teachers create online getting-to-know-you games or have students join Google Classroom in order to keep the lines of communication open with both students and their parents or guardians.  Engaging students in their learning is a great way to start the year off right with technology. 

All schools in Bradley County use social media to inform families about upcoming events. Schools know that social media is vital to communicate with students, parents, and the community, and social media provides an effective and efficient way to reach these targeted audiences. Furthermore, Bradley County Schools’ clubs, athletics, and the arts have utilized social media’s resources.  Users can search for individual accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A social media presence is definitely a way to start the year off right with technology. 

Truly, technology in education has the propensity to reach more students and their modality of learning. Starting the year off right by with technology could make this school year the most successful one yet for both the teacher and the student and their families!

About the author

Pam Coleman

Pam began teaching as a second career in 2006 at Black Fox Elementary. She taught kindergarten and fifth grade prior to becoming an Instructional Technology Coach in 2016. She loves collaborating with teachers to find ways to implement technology in the classroom, promoting Bradley County
School by creating flyers or shooting pictures, teaching students about digital citizenship, and training teachers and students on new programs or software.

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