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Next iPad Update Brings Long Needed Features

The Apple iPad will turn ten years old next year and the device will finally see some long-desired features added with the next iPad software update. Apple is set to fully separate its phone and tablet operating systems. Instead of sharing the same name, the next iPhone software generation will be called iOS 13 while the iPad will receive its own software called iPadOS.

This new OS is more than just a name change as Apple looks to finally make the iPad into a device that can compete with many laptop models. Among the numerous features being added, external hard drive support and mouse compatibility are among the most important. Users will also have the ability to install custom fonts that can be used across most apps. Perhaps one of the smallest, yet most requested update has to do with the volume display. In the past, turning the volume up or down would place a large image in the middle of the screen. Most users found this extremely annoying and Apple is finally listening to users by changing the volume HUD to a small bar found at the top of the screen.

A full list of features can be found on the Apple iPadOS website. Users can also sign up to receive the new OS now as a beta-tester. Be sure to back up your iPad before committing to the beta program. The beta test includes many bugs and not all apps have been updated to be useable on the new OS. You can always use your iTunes backup to return your iPad to a previous OS. The official release of iPadOS will most likely be announced in mid-September.


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