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Google Announces New Tool for Educators

Today Google announced a new tool that is aimed to provide educators with the power to more effectively create assignments and assess student work. The new feature is called Assignments, and it is designed to work with Google Drive, Docs, and Classroom. The standout feature of Assignments is a built-in plagiarism check that, according to Google, will automatically compare a student’s work to “hundreds of billions of web pages and tens of millions of books.” Teachers were previously able to perform such checks, but it required text to be copied and pasted into 3rd party applications and websites. Assignments promises to allow teachers to perform such checks without leaving the student’s document. Students will also be able to use the same plagiarism check three times on each of their assignments. These checks also flag potential citation errors.

Google Assignments is currently open for beta testing and is set to go live for all G Suite educators this Fall. All G Suite for Education users will be able to access plagiarism check feature on three assignments per course at no cost. You can find out more by visiting the Originality Reports website.

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Colby Burris

Colby is a product of Bradley County Schools and spent 17 years teaching instrumental music at Walker Valley High School before becoming a tech coach in January of 2019. He is a Google Certified Educator Level 2 and an Apple Teacher. Colby specializes in audio, video, and graphic media creation and integration.

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