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Tech Tip Tuesday – Episode 4 – Screencasting in the Classroom

Learn about Screencastify by visiting the Screencastify Website.

You can also add Screencastify to your Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome webstore.

Suggestions for screencasting as a teacher:

  1. Create instructional videos that can be accessed by students both at school and home.
    1. Students who need reinforcement with a specific concept.
    2. Students who have been absent.
    3. Free up the teacher to work one on one with specific students
  2. Document and assess student speech fluency
  3. Parent Communication
  4. Share ideas with colleagues


Suggestions for screencasting with students:

  1. Offer assignments which require students to create screencasts that synthesize learning and demonstrate understanding of a concept.
  2. Student reflection and feedback
  3. Presentations
  4. Student-narrated story books or comic strips.

***Be sure to share student-created screencasts with family members!

For more screencasting suggestions, visit the Screencastify Classroom Resource Page


Extension of the Week: 


Loom is another popular screencasting extension for the Chrome browser. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two services is how videos are stored. In Screencastify, videos are saved to Google Drive. In Loom, videos are saved to your account within the Loom website. While not a dramatic difference, your could find yourself having to click a few more times to share videos, depending on your typical class workflow.

Comparing Screencastify and Loom:

Free account restrictions:

Screencastify – 50 videos a month, 10 minute limit per video, watermark in corner of videos.

Loom – Unlimited videos, but only the last 100 videos can be shared.


Paid account details:

Screencastify – $24 per year, Unlimited usage, video editor, no watermarks 

Loom – $8 per month, Unlimited usage, video editor

About the author

Colby Burris

Colby is a product of Bradley County Schools and spent 17 years teaching instrumental music at Walker Valley High School before becoming a tech coach in January of 2019. He is a Google Certified Educator Level 2 and an Apple Teacher. Colby specializes in audio, video, and graphic media creation and integration.

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