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Tech Tip Tuesday – Episode 3 – Google Calendar Power Tips

Adding Guests – Guests receive an email invite to the event you are creating. If they accept the invite, the event will automatically be added to their Google Calendar.

Add conferencing – Creates a unique URL and phone number to join in on a meeting remotely. Both video and phone guests will be able to communicate with each other. The URL and phone number can be shared with anyone, even if they are not a G Suite user. Anyone with permission to view your calendar events can see the conferencing information as well.

Menu listing options for joining a conference via phone or video device.

Make appointment slots – This is a great Gsuite-exclusive feature which allows users to create appointment slots that other individuals can then claim. Once a guest chooses an appointment slot, that option will disappear for other individuals. Additionally, the guest will have the appointment added to their calendar and you will see the guest’s appointment on your calendar. 

The basic appointment slots menu.

The “more options” menu for an appointment slot event. Notice the link to “This calendar’s appointment page.”

Add a description – Take the time to leave yourself or others some notes concerning an event. You can even attach files!

The bottom of the “more options” menu features a place to add notes and even attach files.

Add notifications – You can add multiple notifications to help remind you of an event. You can choose between an email or pop-up notification on your device. You can also automatically add multiple notifications to all of your events by clicking on the three dots beside your calendar name on the left side of the Google Calendar main page. Choose “Settings and Sharing” and then scroll down to find multiple notification settings.

You can multiple notifications for a single event or all events on an entire calendar.

Find a time – By clicking on the “Find a time” tab you can see and public events on an invited guest’s calendar. This is great for choosing a meeting time that works for everyone!

Chrome Extension of the Week:

Google Calendar

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