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Morning Show at Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue elementary school recently converted the format of their daily news program in order to incorporate students into the production. Each morning, a group of five 5th graders are in charge of bringing the news live to all classrooms at Michigan Avenue. These students serve in a variety of roles including news anchor, meteorologist, teleprompter operator, and recording engineer.

Cynthia Duggan, the media specialist at Michigan Avenue, is responsible for the success of the new show format. When asked why she wanted to involve students in the morning show, Mrs. Duggan responded: “Years ago we had a morning show with student anchors. Recently, I have wanted to begin that program again. We offer basketball, cheerleading, and Chorus for students that are interested but not anything for students who may be interested in broadcasting or other audiovisual programs. This is another way to engage students in leadership roles, as well as giving them an opportunity to learn what it takes to make a show run.”

All 5th-grade students were given the opportunity to apply to be a part of the production team. Fifteen students were chosen to be on the Wolverine TV staff and they work in rotating groups of five. Mrs. Duggan has big plans to continue growing the program. She is beginning to teach the students how to film and edit their own videos using iPads. Student-created videos will highlight different events around the campus and will be featured on the morning show.


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