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Clever is Clever Indeed


Bradley County Schools Instructional Technology Department continues to improve the digital learning experience for both the student and the teacher.  With the digital age we live in, students and teachers have online resources that are essential for learning; however, these programs require individual accounts with unique log-ins. Clever replaces outdated systems of manual or bulk transfers of information which can be less secure and inconvenient; it is engineered to be the most secure and desirable way for districts to share data with vendors. Digital resources from curriculum vendors can be accessed through student and/or teacher accounts; however, logging in and remembering passwords can be problematic with so many online programs and resources.  Isn’t that clever and convenient!

Clever rostering ensures continuously updated student information, meaning that students are assigned the course content as well as being attached to their teacher. Currently, Clever rosters information for Bradley County students and teachers in learning programs such as iReady, NWEA/MAP, HMH Science, and Springboard; however, and in the future, it will roster McGraw-Hill/Open Court, Gallopade, Studies Weekly, and more. This automated and secure transfer of student rosters to authorized parties is current and accurate since syncs with Synergy, our student information system (SIS). 

Teachers and students can anticipate the ease of signing into learning applications with single-sign-on (SSO). Students and teachers have an identifiable app when they sign into Clever. Single-sign-on simplifies student and teachers signing into multiple accounts by using a single set of credentials to sign in to all of their learning applications via the Clever Portal. Ultimately, students and teachers spend learning rather than searching form applications or remembering passwords. 

Students and teachers access their learning programs through the Clever Portal in three easy steps: navigate to BCS district portal, type in their assigned username and password, access all of their SSO apps that the BCS Instructional Technology Department has connected to Clever!

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Pam Coleman

Pam began teaching as a second career in 2006 at Black Fox Elementary. She taught kindergarten and fifth grade prior to becoming an Instructional Technology Coach in 2016. She loves collaborating with teachers to find ways to implement technology in the classroom, promoting Bradley County
School by creating flyers or shooting pictures, teaching students about digital citizenship, and training teachers and students on new programs or software.

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